Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 10 - Colter Bay Village and Jackson Lake Lodge

Weather:  50's and mostly sunny with a couple of popup showers
Steps:  Shaun - 6,768; Shannon - 5,522 (I have no idea what she was doing when I was walking!)
Varmints: Red fox (oh yea, another point for Shaun!), bull moose, elk, great blue heron, bald eagle, muskrat (another point for Shaun), and barn swallows.  We also heard an elk bugle from the overlook at Jackson Lodge.
Point totals:  Shaun - 20; Shannon - 18

View from the lake....incredible isn't it?

Red fox that looks more yellow to me!

Since we were totally wiped out, we slept in today. Shaun woke up first and took a little trip to the shores of Jackson Lake to check it out, relax...and meet a new animal. As she was sitting at a picnic table, the red fox in the picture above came out of nowhere, peed on a pole, dug in the dirt in front of the table she was at, and then walked away, all while ignoring her presence. She got photographic evidence, so she got a point, even though Shannon wasn't there (dang it!).

When we finally got going for the day, we decided to get the lay of the land around Colter Bay Village and Jackson Lake. We visited the general store, visitor's center, gift shop, and activity center, and at the last, we signed up for a scenic cruise around Jackson Lake. 

We were a bit disappointed by the cruise because the person giving information about the lake and park was not very good and the information she gave was mostly stuff we already knew. Still, the views of the mountains were incredible, and we got to see some things that aren't visible from anywhere but on the lake.

We left Colter Bay Village after lunch and went to Jackson Lake Lodge, five miles down the road. It's another historic lodge, built in 1955, and it sits on the Willow Flats, which is a prime elk and moose- viewing area. The lodge has gorgeous windows and a patio overlooking the flats, and we ended up eating on the patio, in between watching a bull moose munch on vegetation and following a muskrat swimming around a pond.

We checked out the rest of the lodge, including the stores and Indian artifacts on display, and then headed back to our cottage to end a nice, relaxing day.

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